Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword

Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword Rom DSIntense, fast-paced ninja action is what you can expect from Ninja Gaiden: Dragon sword. It is not important how Tecmo’s Team Ninja did it, but they succeeded in bringing back to us the protagonist Ryu Hayabusa in the Nintendo DS. Though having some drawbacks from the transition to a smaller system, Dragon Sword still provides us with the ninja-slashing adventure we all loved. Here are a few points about the game:

  • The game is very fast and intense. You will be dashing all over the place slashing as you go or jumping into the air launching projectiles. Or you could grab an opponent and do your signature move, the Izuna Drop.
  • The game takes on a new look by tilting the system sideways for a “book style” gameplay. The screens are now left and right. On the left screen. You have the area map and other information. All the fighting and moving around is taking place on the right screen.
  • The game’s combat system is what is completely new to the series. Everything you do depends heavily on your motion with the stylus. Drawing a horizontal line on the enemy will make you give him a horizontal slash. Drawing a vertical line will make you do a vertical slash. Tapping on the enemy will make you throw projectiles. Although the D-pad is used to pull off certain moves, everything else depends on the stylus.
  • Another cool thing is Ryu’s ninpo (ninja techniques). To use them, you have to “perform” it by tracing a kanji letter that appears on the touch screen accurately.


Ninja Gaiden has always been a popular ninja title and Dragon Sword is no different. If you are looking for some good ninja action for Nintendo DS, Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword should be the first to come to mind






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