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Meteos Rom DSPuzzle games will forever be a genre that attracts quite a crowd. Tetris was most probably the Godfather of this genre, rising into popularity and creating a lot influence to followers of its idea throughout the years, modifying and enhancing the concept, bringing new and unique games to us. Just like Meteos. The game takes the idea of falling blocks, but adding a twist to it, making a game pretty enjoying and worthy of recognition.

Meteos is still about matching colors of the falling blocks, but instead of disappearing when 3 colors match, the blocks start to ignite and blast back upward. As more blocks ignite at once, the force will be stronger. Some planets (stages) have more “gravity” and need more ignitions to blast off. This gives a layer of strategy since you need to think out your moves in more “heavier” planets instead of igniting the blocks blindly. But what makes the game ultimately fun to play are:

  • The stylus control. Though you can move blocks around using the D-pad and the A button, you can use the stylus to move the blocks around, making the game more fun and satisfying.
  • The multiplayer mode is so much fun. After battling with a friend, the victor gets to enjoy having his rival’s home planet getting destroyed. There’s nothing like beating up a friend and having a planet destroyed to tease about.
  • The graphics are creative have a cool space look. The visuals and themes give the feel of an interplanetary war, even though you are just playing with blocks and colors.


There are a lot of good puzzle games out there, but only few are great, Meteos is one of them. Meteos has a sequel, and they added some Disney characters to it. Also, Xbox Live Arcade is going to have its version soon. Unless you are really into Disney characters, the original Meteos will serve quite well.

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