Guitar Hero: On Tour Rom

Guitar Hero Rom DSWho ever thought they could do a Guitar Hero edition on the Nintendo DS? Guitar Hero requires a big plastic guitar, but amazingly, Vicarious Visions finds a way around the peripheral issues and brings us the full Guitar Hero action in the palm of our hands. Now, that’s wicked. Let’s see how.

  • Like some DS games, Guitar Hero: On Tour uses a “book style” gameplay. This means you have to tilt the DS sideways to play the game. The top screen, now on your left, displays the notes you have to time with the music and the bottom screen, now on the right, displays your guitar.
  • In playing the electric the guitar, you definitely need a pick. Because you need to the strum the guitar, Guitar Hero: On Tour comes with a stylus pick! Now you can strum on your virtual guitar and hit those notes wielding a pick just like a rock star. Cool.
  • Also with On Tour comes a peripheral to replace the guitar replica. It’s called a “Guitar Grip” and it is connected to the DS as an external peripheral. It has 4 buttons that you can have to time with the music and notes. It is attached to the bottom of the DS and has a strap that fits nicely around your hand.
  • On Tour have a number of songs that will keep you rocking. With songs like “All the small things” from Blink 182 and “Spiderwebs” from no doubt, you’ll be bringing out your inner rock star in no time.


No more plastic guitar. You can play Guitar Hero comfortably on the palm of your hand. With all the features and all the trouble the developers went through to capture the Guitar Hero feel on the smaller Nintendo DS system, On Tour has become one of the most impressive accomplishments the Nintendo DS has known.


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