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Metroid Prime Hunters Rom DSYes, Samus has made her transition to Nintendo DS, and she did it with a blast. Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt was first seen as a free demo cartridge handed together with the very first editions of the Nintendo DS. Early owners of DS immediately got a taste of what Samus Aran’s adventure on the DS would look like. Seeing how action-filled and intense First Hunt was, fans could do nothing but wait in anticipation for the release of the full game.

Unluckily, NST took quite some time to finish the title and fans were waiting for already over a year. But finally in June 2006, Metroid Prime: Hunters was finally out and fans rejoiced in seeing that their long wait was not in vain. It came with a completely different look and feel, but with a similar overall concept and plot. A few things to notice about Metroid Prime Hunters:

  • The major change in the game is that from the 2D side-scrolling platformer, we now get a 3D first person shooter with a main focus on exploration and discovery.
  • Here in this game, some new personalities are introduced like Weavel and Sylux. Never have we seen a cast that interacts and directs the flow of the story in a Metroid game before. This makes the games storyline rather interesting and compelling. Each character (bounty hunter) has his own special weapon and ability.
  • Controls in the game are made easy and comfortable with the Nintendo DS features. You can move around using the D-pad but you use your stylus to aim your cannon.
  • It has a Multiplayer mode that allows up to 4 players and supports voice chat.


Some would probably feel that the 2D look fits Metroid better, but you can’t deny that Metroid Prime: Hunters, though different, is a fantastic game and its features are quite impressive.

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