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Sonic Rush Rom DSThere have been lots of remakes for our favorite blue hedgehog hero over the past years. Because we have seen so many versions of our friend Sonic, we have also heard a lot of criticisms from fans all over the world- some good, and some bad. But when it comes to Sonic Rush for the Nintendo DS, it’s all good. Reasons for this might be because other Sonic titles forces our hero to take too much of a change to the extent it doesn’t feel right. For example, Sonic wielding a gun might be cool to some but to hardcore fans this idea simply doesn’t make any sense. Sonic Rush brings back Sonic to the origins that made Sonic games feel right making this one of the best remakes in a very long time.

  • Although the sprites have a 3D look, the environment is 2D, bringing Sonic back to the 2D side-scrolling platform that fit him quite well, collecting rings as he goes.
  • Sonic is back to doing what he does best – running, jumping, and spinning around, just like the good old days. No more elements that make him not-Sonic.
  • Sonic Rush offers a new playable character, Blaze the cat, giving the game a bit more interest.
  • The game includes a new grading system can grade you on your performance throughout a level.
  • A two player mode lets you and your buddy compete in a race to speed through a level.


There are quite a number of Sonic titles out there and if want to pick one up but are not too sure which one, Sonic Rush is the way to go. At least you know that you will be playing a Sonic game, and not something else that has Sonic as the main character.







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