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A Close Look at the Graphics of the Nintendo 3DS
It can be seen that the Nintendo 3DS has actually gotten a boost when it comes to its graphics. Players will see that if they try to play the PS2 Game Metal Gear Solid 3, it really looked even more superior as compared to that of the original game in PS2. In terms of the graphics, it will definitely be far off than that of the PSP.

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The flight game known as the Pilotwings Resort was able to show off its remarkable profundity even though the screen is quite small. While flying around the game's 3D environment on a plane, you will see that the land below looks far away and the plane that you are riding in will simply stand out.

It is also very easy to come up with opinions regarding the game as well. Since you will be equipped with the perception of doing things in real life, it will become more manageable for you to go through the hoops or go under the bridge.
3D has definitely paved the way for more possibilities when it comes to gameplay for the 3DS. As what Nintendo have said, someone playing as a shooter would just have to move the Nintendo DS around in order to control the game and explore the game's environment. You can surely imagine what it would feel like if it were to be combined with exceptional 3D visuals.
On the 3DS, it will also be seen that the features for the wireless communication has also been enhanced. In this case, it will not automatically check on other similar units and try to communicate with it. This will allow you to exchange information like for instance the scores or the items. Though the DS has a feature quite similar to this, you would still have to quit the game that you are playing and go to the mode for special communication.

The probability that you will come to a rage towards another game player through the wireless mode is unlikely. However, the Nintendo 3Ds s going to find other units so that it would be able to send and receive data for the games that you currently have without having to run any game.

3DS Rom Hardware

You will see on the DS's outer casing the two lenses of the camera which are about two inches away from the other. Though it looks strange, this actually allows you to capture photos in 3D and this is indeed a very enticing feature. Though this may not be the one that you tried at a demo, you should expect these consoles to become available soon and allow you to edit photos and even record videos.

3DS romsWhat makes it more impressive is that the demonstration of augmented reality which showcased the Nintendo 3DS and recognized a sticker found on a table which was in front of the people, on the screen, was able to come up with the appearance of the 3D dragon. It would be possible for you to move the Nintendo 3DS around so that you may see the dragon regardless of what the angle may be and feel as if it was really there.

You will also see that the console has its third camera located inside and would be able to take photos in 2D, but this can also be featured on the games. In the demo for the game Nintendogs+cats, you may have your head tilted and you will see that the puppy on the screen will also tilt its head.

Found on the machine's lower half is called Slide Pad which provides the players an analogue control that can be considered as more useful and easy to use as compared to the analogue stub of the PSP. Due to the large size of the pad, it would be able to fit your thumb well.
You will observe that its D-pad as well as the face buttons are exactly similar to that of the DSi, and is able to respond well and can easily be clicked. The buttons for Start as well as Select have already been joined by the latest, which is the Home button.

The slot for the console's SD Card still remains and would make it possible for you to expand the unit's memory. However, it was not revealed by Nintendo the amount of internal memory that the system will have.

Nintendo owns the E3 and there was a revelation of a very exciting piece of hardware for gaming that has been utilized. The 3D is indeed exceptional and this is only one of the remarkable features of this unit that would allow you to play one of a kind games.

It was told by Nintendo that the 3DS is going to be released in March 2011 in Japan. It was suggested by rumors that it is going to be released all over the world before Christmas. Many people will surely hope for the latter's accuracy.

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