ScummVM DS

SCUMM games and other similar applications

The ScummVM DS lets you play plenty of click and point adventure games that were released from the 80s and 90s on modern PCs. This application can run games from Lucasarts that have been created with the use of the SCUMM system but at the same time, it can also expand and run games created by other developers as well. It is written in the portable C++ and can be transported to various platforms. This lets you enjoy classic games on your Nintendo DS and with full sound at that.


DS Homebrew

In itself, the Nintendo DS is already one amazing gaming system and many people will agree with this. But, when you add R4 DS card into the equisaion and in addition to that a few dedicated homebrew programmers, you will definitely be able to appreciate this ultra cool handheld console.

What is DS Homebrew?

Nintendo DS Homebrew essencialy is 3rd party unofficial software "home made" for the NDS by hobbyist programmers, as opposed to official Nintendo licensed software produced by a game development companies and corporation. Licensed developers use the official Dev Kits (development tools from Nintendo) when as the DS homebrew software is typically made and used on DS via third-party rewritable game cartridges like R4DS, SuperCard DStwo and AceKard and microSD card.



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